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The Aaron Rodgers-Jordan Love Drama Is What We All Need Right Now

Brett Favre also throws some fuel on this fire by giving some insight into what Aaron Rodgers is thinking right now. The story is coming full circle in GB.

During the Great Sports Drought of 2020, we have all become hungry for literally any drama within the world of sports. Occasionally, we’re given morsels by the Sports Gods, and like the dumb addicts we are, we flock to it. We peck at the story for hours, look at it from every angle imaginable and squeeze all of the drama out into shitty headlines. Just this week, we’ve had a story on another Lamar Jackson getting signed by the Jets and another Bill Murray sign with the Patriots. We’re fucking desperate.

But the Sports Gods have finally looked down upon us, beginning on the first day of this years NFL Draft. The Green Bay packers traded up to the 26th pick to select the Jordan Love, the QB from Utah State and the guy that might be Favre-ing Aaron Rodgers. This was the pick heard ’round the world, since Rodgers just finished a 13-3 season and lead the Packers to the NFC Championship game. By all accounts, he absolutely crushed it this past season, so why draft a QB in the first round? Especially when he’s made it clear he wants more weapons on offense.

The Packers seem to be playing Aaron’s game and being passive aggressive, and boy oh boy you better believe it’s gotta be getting under his skin. It’s almost kind of beautiful in a way, like a snake eating it’s own tail. Aaron Rodgers was drafted in the first round to a Packers team led by a pretty good Brett Favre, and Farve immediately didn’t like the idea of it and resented Rodgers pretty openly. But a rookie Aaron Rodgers probably didn’t know that he was going to be Brett’s replacement in more ways than just being the QB. Honestly, the similarities are kind of surprising.

So, who is the authority on figuring out what is going on in Aaron Rodger’s brain right now? Probably the guy who already lived and breathed what he’s going through about 15 years ago. Well, lucky for us gossip guys, Favre was just on the Rich Eisen show and literally didn’t even need to be asked before he gave an answer.

The contrast between Rich Eisen beating around the bush with the elephant in the room against Brett Favre’s eagerness to address it is priceless. If Rodgers ends up in a different jersey, then this league will officially be upside down and I’m all in for it. The Sports Gods were even kind enough to give his replacement the same first name as the brother he does not speak to, and a last name that can be turned into a million shitty headlines and puns about their passive aggressive beef. And despite the fact it’s turning me into a 13 year old girl gossiping in the bathroom before school starts, I have to admit that I Love it. Had to.



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