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Dec 15, 2019; Oakland, CA, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette (27) stands on the sideline before the game against the Oakland Raiders at Oakland Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports


The Jags May Be Trading Leonard Fournette, Shortly After His Statements

Fournette has been a beast for a franchise that doesn’t have much going for them. So getting put on the block makes you wonder: is it something he said?

Jacksonville Jaguars RB and top 5 scariest men alive, Leonard Fournette has had one hell of a career so far in the league, producing big numbers for the Jags ever since he was drafted in 2017. As a rookie, he lead the Jacksonville offense to the AFC Championship, nearly knocking off the New England Patriots and educating America on what county the city of Jacksonville is in. The following year, Fournette dealt with a hamstring reducing his numbers and playing time, but came back in the 2019 season with 1,674 total yards from scrimmage (6th in NFL). So this Schefty-Bomb has people surprised and wondering why the Jags talking about trading him.

Fournette is still under his rookie contract, and the Jags can exercise his option for just $4.16 million, so it isn’t money. As far as draft capital and cap space goes, Jacksonville has nothing to worry about with the 9th and 20th overall pick in this years draft and the 4th most cap space available in the league. It looks like all signs are pointing to an ESPN interview Fournette gave last Thursday, where he said this about the QB situation in Jax:

Cam went to the Super Bowl. He’s a great guy. I’ve been knowing Cam for a minute now. And like I told some people that talked to me, it’s no disrespect to (Gardner Minshew). I’m just trying to get in the best position as a team as we can to win.

Leonard Fournette via ESPN

Just a few weeks ago, the Jags traded Nick Foles to the Bears, leaving the only contending QB to be the real-life Uncle Rico AKA Gardner Minshew. So, is this just a passive dig at Fournette because he wants Cam under center this coming season? Honestly, it looks like it might be. Putting aside some of the differences between Gardner and Cam such as talent, accomplishments, arm strength, experience, mobility and pocket awareness, they aren’t super different. Minshew is essentially a walking, talking Halloween costume while Cam wears a Halloween costume to every post-game press conference. It blows that Fournette may be on the trade block for saying he wants Cam, but hopefully he finds himself in a new city that actually matters. Maybe even Foxborough. Who knows.

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